A new world opens up for you

NEW: Get coached online with the ONLINE VERSION of The Game of Gifts.

Do you feel that life has more to offer to you? Then the Game of Gifts is probably for you.

It can help you in making choices in your life, your career, and in changing course.

Discover your twelve talents and how to use them for choices that really suit you. So you can live and work from inspiration, enthusiasm, and joy.

Bring the balance back into your life. Recognize your talents, qualities, and resources, and take charge again from authenticity.

With the Game of Gifts, you consciously contact your inner wisdom. This creates more awareness, and you can make better choices and see your mission. When people live from their true nature and purpose, they inspire the world around them.

You can play the game in personal sessions, guided by a talent coach. You can also play the game in a group or with your team if you like. Organizations use the Game of Gifts often during team building, career coaching, and company outings. Discover everyone’s talents and how they can serve the whole.

The result? Inspired people and organizations. People who live their talents and their mission.