The Game of Gifts is a convenient and fun method to improve cooperation within a team in a flash.

By playing the game, team members gain insight into the talents they use, the team mission, and the contribution of the team to the bigger picture.

Know what you stand for and work on together. This will inspire the whole team!


The knowledge acquired as a result of this directly stimulates mutual trust and communication.

If you know what a fellow team member is good at, you can also ask for help and advice.

The Game of Gifts provides insight into how each team member contributes to his or her unique way to the joint team goal in their unique way.

It makes clear how each team member can work best, so everyone can do what they are really good at.

The result is better cooperation and more job satisfaction. And thus an increase in the effectiveness of the team and the organization.

The game outcome also reflects shared values and the mission that you pursue together.

Further information

Contact one of the group trainers in the country for team building sessions or team outings with the Game of Gifts. Customization to your needs is possible.