Personal leadership from inspiration? Yes, that certainly is possible.

The Game of Gifts gives you insight into what really moves you from within.

And that is also reflected in the talents with which you lead in the outside world.

You can find it in how you are present for others and yourself.

Personal leadership

Whatever your unique leadership style, and whatever talents you use for that, there will always be pitfalls and challenges.

The Game of Gifts gives you insight into this, and you see what leadership does to you, and vice versa.

It provides new insights to take the next step, from inspiration and compassion towards yourself and others.

Developing and strengthening personal leadership can be done in an individual process, as well as in a group process with a team.

More information?

Contact a group trainer to discuss the possibilities for Personal Leadership through the Game of Gifts.

The planned workshops often offer a good starting point for this also.