An inspiring and meaningful outing with friends, acquaintances, or colleagues?

Get to know yourself and each other in a new and enriching way.

In a one-day workshop with the Game of Gifts, you will set to work with your talents in two sessions of about two hours. A group trainer will guide you.

One-day workshop

Participants in a one-day workshop with the Game of Gifts often make surprising discoveries about themselves and their lives.

Everyone’s inner wisdom naturally emerges when playing with talents. The gameplay allows new insights and perspectives to develop.

Long-standing questions, themes, or issues are sometimes solved just like that, or at least they will be seen in a whole new light.


Although everyone plays the game individually during the workshop, there is room for personal attention and exchange.

More information?

Contact a group trainer to discuss the possibilities of a one-day workshop, or view the planned one-day workshops somewhere in the country in the Calendar.