Within organizations, the Game of Gifts is often played in teams and groups. Get to know the talents of yourself and your colleagues in a fun way.

Work together to jointly deliver a powerful mission statement for the team, department, or even the entire organization.

The result? More pleasurable teamwork, a better working atmosphere, and a fresh look at everyone’s talents. In this, way people and organizations will function better.

The Game of Gifts can be played in the form of a one-day workshop or a multi-day workshop, guided by a group trainer. A short introduction precedes the actual game.

Customization is also possible, e.g., for team building.

The Game of Gifts is especially suited for the personal career guidance of employees.

The game has proved to be crucial for successful career changes, reintegration, outplacement, and preventing dropouts.

More information?

Contact a group trainer to explore the possibilities of the Game of Gits for your team or group.

For personal trajectories with the game, you can contact one of the talent coaches in the country.

Quite a few talent coaches offer English guidance of the game. English coaches can be found by selecting the English guidance option in the search results (on the Dutch website ‘Engelse begeleiding’).