During a multi-day workshop, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Game of Gifts and to play the game more extensively. Such workshops are guided by a group trainer.

This may include a two-day (weekend) workshop, some workshops spread over several days, or a holiday workshop.

The specific program may differ per workshop. Please contact the group trainer first for more information.

Multi-day workshop

On the first day, you get to know your talents, and you gain insight into what you have to offer the world from your unique inner qualities.

There is ample opportunity to touch on personal themes. When this takes place, it often offers more depth and more understanding.

The final day is often used to offer a blueprint from which the talents work together. This will give more insight into life, your life course, and the higher values or mission that radiates into your life and work.


Although everyone plays the game individually during the workshop, there is room for personal attention, mutual exchange, and reflection.

More information?

Contact a group trainer to discuss the possibilities of a multi-day workshop, or view the Calendar with planned multi-day workshops somewhere in the country.