Organizations are constantly changing.
No growth without change! But for inspiration in an organization, a little more is needed.

Employees are expected to change, as well. They are challenged to think about what they want and can do.

  • Do I want to participate in this change?
  • How can I contribute?
  • How can I keep work fun for myself?

The Game of Gifts allows anyone in the workplace – employee, manager, director – to find new points of departure and gain insights. It’s a Win-Win game.

Inspiration in the organization

The Game of Gifts is a practical tool to reflect on your performance. It positively appeals to everyone to take their responsibility and to show personal leadership.

This method provides insight into everyone’s talents and the role they play within the organization. In this way – from a refreshing angle – everyone’s optimal contribution to the mission of the organization becomes apparent.

Bringing inspiration to the whole organization by means of the Game of Gifts is possible through a separate process. It usually consists of a few game meetings, sometimes extended with individual coaching programs.

During a reorganization or transformation, a group-oriented presentation of the Game of Gifts offers many people a short career path at limited cost. As a follow-up, the game can be played more in-depth during outplacement projects.

Employees are supported on their way to a new position within or outside the organization when having more insight into their talents and what they can offer the world with those.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the use of the Game of Gifts within the Management Team, work team, or organization? Feel free to contact any group trainer in the country, to explore the possibilities.